Journal Articles

2022    Hobo Economicus
                with Peter Leeson and August Hardy
                The Economic Journal 

2018    Child-Bride Marriage and Female Welfare
               European Journal of Law and Economics

2017    Child Brides
                with Peter Leeson
               Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

2016    An Economic Analysis of Magna Carta
                with Peter Leeson
               International Review of Law and Economics

2015    Superstition and Self-Governance
                 with Peter Leeson
                Advances in Austrian Economics

2014    From Big State and Small Society, to Small State and Big Society: Reflections on Richard Cornuelle's Healing America
                with Peter Boettke
               Conversations on Philanthropy

Working Papers

"Beggars as Rational Choosers," with Peter Leeson and August Hardy
"Child-bride marriage and fetal-sexing technology." 2019
"Conflict-embedded institutions: The medieval Marital Duel." 2019

Paola A. Suarez